Monday, June 4, 2007

a review of drew's work from COOLSTOP 1/20/04
Description: photography by drew goren
Comment: I'm not sure who Willi Zucker is, a house painter perhaps, but the updates tell me he's not doing too well these days. There's also a picture of him in the Visitors' Gallery thanks to Drew's participation, which I really appreciate. How wonderful it would be to get another shot, sometime soon, with Willi up and at 'em again. Drew Goren's portfolio selects has some of best portrait and documentary photography I've seen. The subwaysleeper seems to thrive on capturing musicians in their best light and the tear-sheets tell me he's a professional (as virtually all the photos do). But the site is free of promotional copy, simply presenting the best of Drew's art. Great works don't need to be hyped. I've got a strong feeling Drew's obsession with photography goes much deeper than making a living. Just a hunch...

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