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Love Auction May 3rd

This photo of Drew's--the Coachwhips--will be in an upcoming auction in New York City to benifit LOVE, Leave Out Violence. Please see below for details. If you are interested in this photo or participating in the auction see web site at bottom, or email me at

...34 years ago a 14 year old murdered my good friend’s father, Daniel Rudberg. Daniel was stabbed while trying to help a woman who was being attacked by the youth. The young boy was a runaway, who was on drugs, who had recently joined a gang. Daniel’s widow, Twinkle, decided something had to be done to give troubled youth the skills, confidence and the will to create productive, non-violent lives. The organization she started is huge in Canada and has helped over 30,000 teens there. The launch here so far has been quite successful, many New York City schools are now on a waiting list for the program.

A major component of the LOVE program is photojournalism. This is a year -long program that develops the photographic and writing skills necessary to document the violence around them. During the year we have several photographers pitch in as guest mentors. Contributing photographers have been: Christie Bush, and Mariette Papic with interest from many others such as Joanne Dugan, Erin Patrice O'Brien, Andy Lin, Mariette Papic, Deborah Feingold, John Bentham, Michael Corridore and Scott Sternbach.

Event details:
Date: Thursday night, May 3rd.
Location: Felissimo Townhouse
10 West 56th st. NY, NY.

The event will be part of a spring cocktail party, in honor of Richard Kirshenbaum, the advertising legend, who has contributed so much to LOVE in the past years. We will have great food, open bar, presentations of the current love youths’ work and the silent auction. I hope to get approximately 100 photographs donated by photographers in our community and also add an additional 25-30 photos that this years youth have produced and have them be part of the auction as well.

Leave Out Violence
64 Fulton Street suite 801
New York, NY 10038

Thursday, April 19, 2007

these pics were taken march 2005 at a mexican restaurant in BK that drew treated us to.....

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Dear Hana,

How are you doing.
You have been in my thoughts.
The persistent and beautiful memories I have of Drew are constant reminders of just how lucky I was to have known such a beautiful man.
We had some great times working side by side in the office at CMJ. It was there that I began to form my admiration for him.
I will always cherish the day we spent together in Austin during SXSW. He came over to my home and met my dog, we went to breakfast and talked of his future.
It was a beautiful day, he felt like a brother.
That night he went out of his way to stop by the club I was working at just to give me a CD he thought i should hear.
He was on his way to the airport so I know it was a huge inconvenience for him, but that was your son...
It was these simple yet meaningful acts that he performed (consistently and subconsciously) that made him unique.

I will really miss talking to Drew about photography, especially his.
He would ask me to look at his work and was genuinely surprised when I had wonderful things to say.
He would take an image that was amazing and then doubt his abilities!!!
He was funny that way.
But, wow, he became an excellent photographer.
The images of Nina are absolute works of art.
He was blessed with a vision...

During the last conversation I had with Drew he told me he wasn't picking up the phone much but when he saw my name on the caller ID he knew I could make him laugh. I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful that was to me. He sounded really sick but we laughed and had a great time talking. I still cannot bring myself to delete his number from my phone...

I am deeply sympathetic for your loss.
His integrity and spirit is truly a reflection of you.

with love
bob green

Drew after he just bowled a strike....Las Vegas 2000

We all went to Las Vegas. It was one of the best times in my life....Me Barkley Camille and Drew.....The Barfeeders played....a show there....There was a bowling tournament. Drew of course, sported his fastmusic bowling you can see....
he made sure " HOMER" was printed on the front.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Giving away the secrets! ...He would want you to have it!


for 16 pcs. chicken and 1 rack of pork ribs

6 oranges (juice, pulp, and skin slivers)
2 bulbs garlic (chopped fine)
2 small yellow onions (chopped small)
1/2 cup sesame oil
1/4 cup olive oil
3/4 cup honey
1/4 cup molasses
2 healthy shots of whiskey
1/4 bottle beer
1 habeƱero peppers (chopped w/seeds)
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch italian parsely
1/2 knuckle ginger (sliced up)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup any bbq sauce
salt & pepper

marinate for 3 full days.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


...just a few pics of a picnic jenn brice and I had with drew...jenn tried to make "drelish"....