Thursday, June 28, 2007

And he wore the Mustache so well...

sometime between March and May of 2000, I believe... Saba's house, Borough Park days.

He looked at me with his lips pursed, in the Drew way, eyes looking elsewhere, "Wha'd'ya think?". I like it, I would say. And it was the truth. On him, I liked it, I thought it worked. He pulled it off. And why shouldn't he do something he's inclined to by the itch of a hair in his a** on a hot New York day? "You just don't want any girls looking at me", he would say. "I love you Drew, do what makes you happy", I said in my own nonchalant way.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



I am so excited, as people--friends--are coming into town and we are getting ready to celebrate--again--together, the life of someone we all love so deeply--DREW. Doug to thank for making this whole thing happen, Eric for bringinng such a memorable contribution, Jules for helping in his way, all of the bands OF COURSE! Amiee for doing her laborious part! And all the people who are making this happen, Rob, Jenn , Tedesco, Johnny, Christo , Andrew, Casey, Alissa, Jane, Dayla, everyone who's helped, all of those that are spreading the word and making it happen. I am so overwhelmed with graditude and thanks and joy to be surrounded by such beautiful people. What a gift I have been given. THANK YOU! You are all beautiful people....

Monday, June 18, 2007

went to visit drew for fathers day....nina asked me to give him a balloon....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Drew will have a photogragh in this auction as well, as he did last year. Please see flyers for details on donations or bidding. It is taking place the same day as the Memorial Benefit show, so check your timing if you plan on participating in both. The auction is in LA, the show is in NY!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Drew Goren Memorial Benefit
2007-06-11 14:44:03.087,
Story by: Pamela Garavano
On June 30, Brooklyn folkie Langhorne Slim and local New York City heroes Neckbeard Telecaster will take the stage at the Luna Lounge to remember beloved photographer, friend and father Drew Goren. The former CMJ art director, who snapped bands like Sonic Youth, Spoon and Bloc Party, lost his life to cancer late last year at 33 and is survived by his 5-year-old daughter, Nina. All proceeds raised from the evening will be donated directly to the Drew Goren Memorial Fund to ensure a future for Nina.

Spread the word and enjoy the great music and company at 361 Metropolitan Avenue, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Doors are at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $15 and available in advance on
Lineup For Drew Goren Memorial Benefit Concert:
07:00 PM - The Shrubs
07:45 PM - The Wooden Hills
08:30 PM - Sikamor Rooney
09:15 PM - The GoStation
10:15 PM - Neckbeard Telecaster
11:15 PM - Langhorne Slim

Saturday, June 9, 2007

August 2004

Drew and I at Nina's third birthday--Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That was a beautiful, beautiful warm day, full with friends and family and fun times. I love that smile on his face and that look in his eye. Happiness comes from the inside out with him. He really felt it and you can see... The birthday parties are always a bit hard to pull off, but they always ended up being our favorite day of the year! Celebrating Nina together, celebrating being a family.

Friday, June 8, 2007

An email from Drew

I found this today.
Drew invited me to go see Saba & Hana and eat dinner with him and Nina
and visit. I wrote him and sent some pics of the day together.
I remember it like it was yesterday.

From: drew goren
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 10:19 am

wow. thanks a lot for sending these...
i'll pass them along now to my mom. its gonna mean a lot to her.
i'm glad you came with yesterday. at first i felt bad for bringing you into a depressing situation... i'm glad you ended up being ok with it.
thanks for the love and support shan...

+ i'll send you pics as soon as i download them off the camera.

on 4/29/06 11:04 PM, at wrote:

hey drew
thanks for letting me hang with really was great...and
if you or your mom need anything, let me know.. ok..
ill go with you anytime. its the simple things like
today that make life so meant
alot for me hang with you nina ya mom
and grandfather. im so tired...gonna go to sleep.
your new website will rock.
send me some pics, ill send you some from today.
love ya kid\

Monday, June 4, 2007

review from PHOTOLINK of drews work

PhotoLinks Commercial Photographers Details

Title: SUBWAYSLEEPER - d.goren photography CWMSQQ-1246326336

Site Description:
loose, natural, striking images. portrait, live event, documentary/journalistic photography of music and musicians, people/children, travel and (now and then) fashion by low-key, guerrilla photographer drew goren.

Location: United States : New York : New York Photographers

Category: Commercial Photographers

Click to Visit this site

Commercial Photographers: SUBWAYLEEPER - d.goren photography

a review of drew's work from COOLSTOP 1/20/04
Description: photography by drew goren
Comment: I'm not sure who Willi Zucker is, a house painter perhaps, but the updates tell me he's not doing too well these days. There's also a picture of him in the Visitors' Gallery thanks to Drew's participation, which I really appreciate. How wonderful it would be to get another shot, sometime soon, with Willi up and at 'em again. Drew Goren's portfolio selects has some of best portrait and documentary photography I've seen. The subwaysleeper seems to thrive on capturing musicians in their best light and the tear-sheets tell me he's a professional (as virtually all the photos do). But the site is free of promotional copy, simply presenting the best of Drew's art. Great works don't need to be hyped. I've got a strong feeling Drew's obsession with photography goes much deeper than making a living. Just a hunch...