Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drew's Hospital Scrapbook

Something that I've been wanting to share for a while...the scrapbook we all helped put together, as Drew wanted, from about the 2nd day of being in the hospital, to document his experience with his camera. It took the doctors and nurses by surprise at first, but as they got to know Drew they quickly became more comfortable in front of the camera! These pictures are invaluable.

Speaking of Berlin...

A couple Drewish videos. Hear a little voice, see a little smile... Maybe the boys can tell some stories behind these videos and their trip to Berlin.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good times.

Mad and Mike's wedding in the pool hall.

Art opening

Dinner party in Brooklyn

Bucket of Beers in Tijuana

BBQ at Eric's place in LA

Thinking about Drew a lot this week! Of course because of his birthday. But other stuff too:
I pulled out my oldtimey 35mm camera and some notes I had written down about film stocks he recommended to me.
I recently experienced a new high with some excellent mexican hot sauce.
There's a grilled meat restaurant in my neighborhood that the mere mention of sends me drooling.
Planning a snowboard trip in the spring.
All these little things bring Drew to mind.
That's how it is. He's always around.
And I miss him so much.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NINA, JENN & DREW...one ny visit

Nina and I here...looking through pictures. These were a couple of her fav's.

Nina says "We spent last night sharing drew stories and it was his bday. I especially love hearing about drew when he was a kid. We had a wonderful night and i asked Hana to write these stories down for me to read always."

p.s. my dad was a silly kid. ha ha ha.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Perfect Bite

it wasn't until i was about 26 that i was able to appropriately share drew's love for all things food. we spent our childhood as food opposites...drew tried everything, i ate chicken fingers and chocolate chip ice cream.

he was thrilled when my taste buds finally developed. since then we spent many of our moments sharing what we called 'the perfect bite'. this often included the careful layering, toasting, sprinkling, or spreading of ingredients we were sure was the ideal combination to warrant such a title. we'd trade tastings back and forth...no matter the hunger time was not a factor...he say "wait jenn, you've got to try this bite...hold on i'll make you one."

this pic is from my 30th? bday...another great party at amiees apt in bushwick.
a perfect cheese cracker bite i just knew he had to have.

happy bday drew...

Mazal Tov, Drew מזל טוב דרור

This is my first time posting on this blog; while having followed it throughout its existence, I did most of my mourning and reflection in private. Today, on Drew's birthday, the following Instant Messaging session with Jenn inspired me to share how Drew's talent inspired (no time for thesaurus) me:

The first quality time I got to spend with Drew as an adult was in 2005 in Israel. While the main event of that summer was Orie's Bar Mitzva, Drew and Eric also set on a personal documentary(/mockumentary) tour of the country; Eric with an oversized first generation mini-DV, and Drew with the manual film camera—not that I had the slightest idea why or how to appreciate this oldschoolness back then. Throughout the summer, I joined the 2—along with Jenn—on every expedition I was available for. That summer illustrated a fundamental mathematical equation that forever holds: ∂rew = 1 - photography (had to play with the algebra, otherwise it'd sound too corny). While—looking back at it—I was not yet able to appreciate the true art in Drew's gift, I immensely admired his talent, dedication, and PASSION. God, he had passion... what else could possibly drive a man to do a photo shoot while hooked up to a bag of chemo?

Many summers have passed since, and with them our beloved Drew. This past May, when I had saved up enough money to get a camera, I initially went out and got what the typical consumer would get–an ultra-compact camera "to carry around anywhere"---------------------------------------------->

After a few days with the camera, some internal drive—which, retrospectively, I've increasingly attributed to Drew—was telling me to get a "real" camera and see what I can do with it. So I returned the sub-compact, dug out of the last pennies form my college-student pockets and got myself a Nikon D60, along with a fashionable carrying case so I would "take the camera everywhere I would take a sub-compact"------->

I skipped the free Ritz Camera courses I got with the purchase and got a couple of books from the library instead; one that taught me the technical basics in 15-20 minutes, and another with brilliant photos and descriptions of their styles. ~6 months later, I CONSTANTLY tell myself, as well as others how I wish I had discovered photography while Drew was still here; WOW, the possibilities...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DREW! I think of you every time that shutter snaps bringing a bit of you in each of these:

Love you always; your cousin, Leeron

[Chronologically ordered from June up until the picture I sent Jenn, which was taken last night]

DSC_0097 - 2008-07-01 at 06-53-42

Happy Birthday Drew.....Love Shannon, Camille & Dr Zaius

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th Drew's Birthday

Big day for election and Drew's birthday, Jenn, Julia, Nina and I will have a quiet dinner to celebrate his life. I wonder if Drew was here, who he would have voted for.
Happy Birthday Drew, you are gone but not far from our hearts and thoughts.