Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Perfect Bite

it wasn't until i was about 26 that i was able to appropriately share drew's love for all things food. we spent our childhood as food opposites...drew tried everything, i ate chicken fingers and chocolate chip ice cream.

he was thrilled when my taste buds finally developed. since then we spent many of our moments sharing what we called 'the perfect bite'. this often included the careful layering, toasting, sprinkling, or spreading of ingredients we were sure was the ideal combination to warrant such a title. we'd trade tastings back and forth...no matter the hunger time was not a factor...he say "wait jenn, you've got to try this bite...hold on i'll make you one."

this pic is from my 30th? bday...another great party at amiees apt in bushwick.
a perfect cheese cracker bite i just knew he had to have.

happy bday drew...

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youglow said...

thats a great story jen....
thanks for sharing.