Thursday, June 28, 2007

And he wore the Mustache so well...

sometime between March and May of 2000, I believe... Saba's house, Borough Park days.

He looked at me with his lips pursed, in the Drew way, eyes looking elsewhere, "Wha'd'ya think?". I like it, I would say. And it was the truth. On him, I liked it, I thought it worked. He pulled it off. And why shouldn't he do something he's inclined to by the itch of a hair in his a** on a hot New York day? "You just don't want any girls looking at me", he would say. "I love you Drew, do what makes you happy", I said in my own nonchalant way.

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Anonymous said...

if you rocked that stach i wouldn't have liked you as much as i did - nnnte * this is : bro to bro humor only he would laugh at