Friday, April 13, 2007

Drew after he just bowled a strike....Las Vegas 2000

We all went to Las Vegas. It was one of the best times in my life....Me Barkley Camille and Drew.....The Barfeeders played....a show there....There was a bowling tournament. Drew of course, sported his fastmusic bowling you can see....
he made sure " HOMER" was printed on the front.


hana said...

drew loved to bowl and he was good at it, has a few trophies to prove it. it didn't go with his hippie soul image but that was what made him so unique.
thank you shannon for keeping the flame burning. xxx

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! Drew's bowling trophies are up in Nina's room. He was a champ, back from the FatWreck days!! Drew loved the punk rock bowling tournment. I have to get his bowling shirts out and see what all the names are because he has quite a few.