Thursday, May 31, 2007

Drew's Tattoo

Drew got that tattoo in San Francisco, right before he moved to New York. I went with him to the tattoo parlor on Haight Street. This was when he was living in the lower Haight above the best Ethipoian in SF. He called it a time stamp. He wanted to mark the last four years of his life that he spent in SF, thus the four diamonds; a "love gone wrong", thus the upsides down heart, (although later on he would deny saying that?); and the dot beneath I am assuming for the first little lady in his life, Ramona. And of course the crown for a KING! Lucre at Marcello's, where Drew and I officailly met (although we had met the semester before in a Sidney Lumet film class) always said "Drew thinks that sign outside says his name!!"--which was the Marcello's sign on top of a big world. Lucre loved Drew and would do anything for him. He was a favorite of all the Marcello's folks! I also remember him designing the tattoo himself on his computer at home in the Haight Street apartment, fixing and tweeking the image just so. He was a perfectionist. Those were very good days. --Julia


hana said...

thank you julia for telling me about the tattoo. there is so much i didn't know about drew.
i want to encourage everyone that has a special story about drew, to share it here. it is so important for nina. as she grows and will be able to read them, she will know her father through them.

youglow said...

thank you julia. i knew you would have more details about his tattoo. I only knew because it was a timp stamp from from sf and he was coming to ny. xoxo
love you julia and nina