Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drew 4_12_06


hana said...

hey shannon, can you share the reason drew liked the tatoo, i never knew why.......thank you for reminding us of all these details about drew.XXX

Anonymous said...

Drew got that tattoo in San Francisco, right before he moved to New York. I went with him to the tattoo parlor on Haight Street. This was when he was living in the lower Haight above the best Ethipoian in SF. He called it a time stamp. He wanted to mark the last four years of his life that he spent in SF, thus the four dots; a "love gone wrong", thus the upsides down heart, (although later on he would deny saying that?); and the dot beneath I am assuming for the first little lady in his life, Ramona. And of course the crown for a KING! Lucre at Marcello's, where Drew and I officailly met (although we had met the semester before in a Sidney Lumet film class) always said "Drew thinks that sign outside says his name!!"--which was the Marcello's sign on top of a big world. Lucre loved Drew and would do anything for him. He was a favorite of all the Marcello's folks! I also remember him designing the tattoo himself on his computer at home in the Haight Street apartment, fixing and tweeking the image just so. He was a perfectionist. Those were very good days. --Julia