Friday, February 23, 2007

Drew September 2003

Johnny took this beautiful photo of Drew


youglow said...

That is so beautiful...Thank much for sharing...

jenn said...

I love this photo of Drew. It brings to mind so many sweet memories of dinners and play dates at Johnny, Gina and Lucy's gorgeous loft.

Drew loved spending time there. Their's was a place he always found comfort. I was lucky enough to be around for many J,G,&L moments..we would gather around their kitchen table and share a glass of wine, a yummy meal or snack and chat the eve (or day) away.

DJ Johnny would man the turntable and introduce us to albums he recently purchased or rediscovered. Drew would excitingly sift through the album covers of Johnny's vast collection. They would rattle back and forth about photography. And the food...always essential and delicious. Drew raved about Gina's cooking. He loved the cajun influence...the gumbo and fish stews. Lucy and Nina would be running around, dancing in frilly dresses and jewelry Gina made for them. Drew always told me how he found the bond that Lucy and Nina share from such an early age so special.

I love hearing about how they met...Johnny and Drew first..seeing each other at the park each recognizing the others 'cool dad factor'. And both knowing that they just had to bring each other home.

hana said...

good find, it really captures drew's pensive demure (did i spell that right?).
thanks for posting.