Thursday, February 1, 2007

drew at work

this is the drew i knew best. i would often see him at shows - in front of me, next to me, behind me, shooting away, jockeying for position in a polite yet determined way. it was beautiful to see him at work. his company was always a gift.

he was a prodigious talent. his images are extraordinary. powerful. beautiful. his appreciation of music was profound; when shooting a band live he captured an elusive magic - the joy that is shared between a band and its audience. his portraiture defies description - it mystifies me, i am incapable of understanding his process - how he created images that are deeply personal, instantly recognizable, and undeniably iconic. invaryingly, he found the emotional center of his subjects. he had the exceptional capacity to forge an intimacy with a stranger in the course of an hour. for drew, this was a deeply intuitive process that defied explanation. for him, it was like breathing. fluid and seamless. it was simply alchemy.

drew shared music with me. he shared his vision. so much of drew lives on his images. i hold them close to my heart.

llano estacado, brooklyn. 1/05. big bear + parts and labor.

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jenn said...

i love this photo and blurb. another incredible side of drew. thanks for sharing.