Saturday, February 17, 2007

April 28 2006


jenn said...

We shared so many sweet moments at Saba's house...especially holidays and friday night hana meals. between the usuals and our endless variety of guests (our friends, saba's friends, neighbors, family, more friends and more family) the eve was usually pretty entertaining and always so delicious.

I would usually get a ride over in stella. sister stella. when she rode well she was such a pleasure. people would get out of our way and wave us through. as we rode by we were greeted by smiles and happy faces. it was quite lovely. made me laugh. people loved stella. so did drew.

hana said...

even though drew battled his own illness, he always made time to offer love and support to his loving grand father as he too battled cancer.
these pictures were taken a month before saba passed away.

MayaClaire said...

Saba!! So nice to see him with Drew.
Nina in costume, of course. And Hana out from the kitchen!
I had some delicious Friday night meals in that space. Always amazing food, always so much love.