Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Isla Vista Santa Barbara circa '93-

Well we are making our parents proud. We're inrolled in college and actually attending classes. Now what we do for fun is our own business. This one day our neighbor knocks on the door and shows us a mouse in a nice little cage and since she's moving would we like to care for this animal. Drew looks at me and Jules as we shrug our heads. Its unanimous - YES (o.k.)

looking at the little guy it becomes apparent that his home is just too small. " hey, let's build a city for him in the middle of the living room" (I can't remember who's bright idea this was). so we went to the kitchen grabbed the roll of tin foil and proceeded to build a city approx. 12' by 12' square feet in the middle of our apartment, where, right above the center of our new pet's living room, hung the beer bong from the 12' foot ceiling above. one housing structure after another and a few hours later the walls of 'Mouse City' were intact. Oh ya, I think the mouse was quite nervous when we pushed him down the slide that hung 6' feet high on the wall that steeped right into his new abode.

So we had a new pet and WE were pleased with his home. The mouse on the other hand sat in the middle of the tin foil maze shaking and we couldn't figure out why he didn't frolic about in utopia. The neighbor from down stairs suggested, "maybe he needs a bong hit?" Well o.k. maybe that will help him stop nervously shaking.

In the morning the whole apartment smelt like we had 20 mice ( absolutely awful) and I remember the feeling I recall on christmas morning when you go and see your presents, as we woke up. I said, 'Hey Drew come out here." As we looked into the mouse city we noticed HE was gone.

And as we looked at each other with a loving amusing of ignorance, a bond was being chiseled for our brotherhood. 'To live in a palace alone is no palace at all.' For this is how we lived- not alone, but quite the opposite. We lived together.