Monday, November 12, 2007

I spent alot of time with DREW

There were a couple or maybe a few years where Drew and i were inseperable. I would even go deliver pizzas with him when he worked at Marcellos pizza. A pizza parlor in the castro neighborhood of San Francisco. We had alot of fun driving around messing with peoples pizzas or atleast i would and drew would yell at me, and say grow up wassen, as i would be trying to eat a slice and then somehow arrange the pizza to look as if no pieces were missing...i even remember the day he met Julia and how crushed out he was. I hadn't seen him this way for quiet some time as him and lazia were on again off again...i miss drew dearly. We weren't so close in his later days, but i always thought of him as a brother...we played music, talked about our sex lives, always tried to find new bands to like, etc. I don't even know what to say, drew was a really big part of my life for a few years. I hope he is happy wherever he is, and looking down on us with his grin that was so contagious..I'm hindu and believe in reincarnation, so maybe he is with us, just in a million different forms...peace and love drew, i hope you understand.

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Julia said...

Ahh...Wassen! Those were beautiful days in SF. I remember those pizza delivery ride-a-longs! And every time I go to SF I stop by Marcello's and say hi and Lucre just goes ga-ga for Nina! Just like she did for Drew! Beautiful beautiful days. Drew was full with life and very happy and I think just got happier with every day that I knew him.