Saturday, November 17, 2007

Country Boy, Tillamook OR

The beautiful beach at Oceanside. We stayed in a house up on the hill... My grandaunt Rose was married to "uncle" Rodney right at the head of that overlook. This was a family summer place for the young Penny family--my grandfather David, Beth and the kids, all six! Elizabeth and Rose grew up near here and the Penny clan as raised not far away--Klamoth Falls, where a number of family still live, looking out toward Mt. Shasta in the distance. Drew had heard many stories of my family in the northwest, yet in New York, so hard to visit. I am so glad they all got to come together last year. It was a pleasure on both sides.

Drew's favorite neice, Lily!

This was after an amazing stay at Jake's family home in Nasell, WA. Home brewed blackberry wine by the gallons sitting on the stairs. Home made beer and apple cider from the cider shed. Fresh veggies from the garden his dad tends. Nina canned beans. Jake slept under the stars and we were upstairs in the warm cabin. It was an amazing welcome into his home. Drew told his dad he wanted to come back to do an apprentice ship with him next year!
The rope swing was a childhood playground of Jakes!


youglow said...

beautiful...thanks julia for sharing xox

youglow said...

its so nice to see video of drew and hear his voice...
love it...i have some video of drew and nina that i have to find...will post it after i go thru a ton of tapes.