Thursday, November 5, 2009

I only found out about Drew’s passing about 6 weeks ago. I have been wanting to add to this memorial page, and decided to celebrate his birthday by posting this picture. I had the good fortune to get to know Drew when he was a young teenager. Drew was so easy to get to know, so warm and so friendly. My own son was a young boy at the time, and typical of Drew, he befriended him as well. Drew, like me, loved movies, and we went to many together. He introduced me to new music. But one of the most memorable times we had was when Drew accompanied me on my first trip to NYC. We took the red eye flight. As I remember Drew listened to music and napped while I read and tried to nap. Over the weekend, with his grandfather and mom, we all went to see the Broadway production of Starlight Express. I remember Drew had that sense of awe and wonderment that allowed him to enjoy and experience the musical the way it was meant to be. I see that same emotion in Drew’s photography and that is what makes his photography so special. That night was a night of firsts for me that I got to share with Drew– first Broadway play, first limo ride, and first White Castle hamburger . The picture above was taken when we were riding the subway in New York (my first subway ride). As you see Drew is napping and I find it ironic that his website is

Unfortunately, I lost touch with Drew and his mom about 20 years ago and always wondered what kind of man he grew up to be. When I went to the memorial page and then to his website, I was able to get a glimpse of what a wonderful man he had grown up to be. I would have loved to tell him how pleased and proud I am of him, how beautiful his photography is, how amazing it is that he can capture raw emotion, including the pure love he had for his daughter, Nina. I won’t have that chance, but I will have my wonderful memories, and his soul lives on through this beautiful memorial website.

So Happy Birthday Drew. You were a good friend, and even though I was older and could tutor you in math, you taught me more about how to live life fully and enjoy it. As anyone can get a glimpse of in your photography, and those who have met you know, you have a gutten neshama, a good soul. May your name always be for a blessing my friend.




hana said...

it was great reading about your memories with drew and seeing the subway sleeper in action, thanks for posting.

raz said...

great story....amazing.... may the subwaysleeper live on forever...