Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eric hosted a BBQ on behlaf of Drew Saturday Dec. 27th 2008. It was nice to see faces I havent seen for a while. We did a gift exchange, with Drew in mind, and it was beautiful. It took us down memory lane. Everything Drew loved was there. Friends, family, steak, chicken, chili, beer, wine, cameras, pictures, and lots of love. Can't wait until next years.


youglow said...

thanks for sharing raz~

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing Raz. Eric, I wish I could have been there... The spirit lives on.

barry said...

I used to be a very close friend to Hana. After searching for her I am devastated to find this site. I met Drew when he was about 11 & loved him instantly - he was such a special, sensitive child. Hana, please contact me.