Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy father's day, papa drew.

I picked nina up from school, june 9th, we were going to spend the afternoon with Justin (drew's cousin). Justin was getting ready for her prom.

As i got there, i noticed that nina was upset, there was a little mix up with who was picking her up. The teachers called her back as she was running to that person. I tried to explain to her why it is so important, to the school, that the right person picks her up and what can happen if it was the wrong person.

Sweet nina told me, as i was going into graphic detail about what can happen, "don't talk about it, it scares me and gives me nightmares." "Don't be scared, there is a little angel that sits on your shoulder, your dad, and he is always watching over you" I told her.

She calmed down and we drove to LI and met up with Justin and her mom, aunt Eliza. We went to the hair dresser and watched as Justin got her hair done.

Next it was the makeup artist's turn. Justin says she is psychic. As Justin sat in her chair, before she started applying the makeup, she saw her looking around as if she was looking at someone. She then turned to Justin and said, with nina sitting next to her, "there is a spirit here, i can feel it and it is a male. You are connected to this male, she told Justin, but he is very important to that little girl and she is important to him. He is watching and smiling, he is very happy that you are spending time together."

I hadn't been there at that time and Justin told us about it later when we were in the car. As she was relaying the story to me i was sitting next to nina in the back. Nina looked up at me smiled and said "see that was dad." I smiled back at her and said "he is with you where ever you are..........."


youglow said...

beautiful..thanks for posting.

youglow said...

beautiful..thanks for posting.

laura said...

Amazing and wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing....brings me a smile and a tear.