Monday, December 24, 2007

Want you all to know I am now able to post!!!!

Eric Rasmussen here, now fully activated, very exciting, I can now post my thoughts as they come to has been a year now since Drew's passing and I just wanted to say that there have been a few things this year which I know Drew would be so proud of....when we first drove past the "Old Stop 'n Fight" (an old, closed down bar in Topanga) we were looking for a location to shoot some pics of my band. He didn't say anything cause he wanted to see what I would show him first. But after looking at the spot I thought was good, he said, let's go back, I saw something back there.
We pulled up in front of the place and I laughed because it was such a well known place in it's day and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it as a location, beautiful as it was....he framed it up from across the highway, dangerously close to traffic, and was sure he could get the shot. So we went up to the door of the house behind, where the crazy lady lived, and asked her if we could take a picture of the bar.
She said we could do whatever we wanted....guess she wasn't so crazy after all, she acted kind of normal, so we set up the shoot for a few days later.
When we came back there was a crew in front of the bar installing a chain link fence, effectively ruining our shot, and it was never taken. But this was the place Drew liked best for that pic.

As it turned out, the fence was a portent of things to come....the place was put up for sale. I had in fact thought many times about buying it before, and I purchased the property last year, before Drew's death. Just recently I was finally able to get the place into some kind of party shape and throw a party there, complete with my own beer on tap as if I had my own bar. I couldn't help it, I almost cried while onstage when I told everyone there about Drew. He would have been so proud and happy to see this moment, and I guess he still is, wherever he is....

I am still working on finishing the songs which I have begun to write about Drew, I think it takes some real time and distance to get it out properly.

I wanted you all to see this image as well, which was the dedication of our album to Drew, which he sadly did not live to see the completion of either. But he and I were musical brethren, he was probably the biggest encouragement for my music in my life and I miss him all the time for all sorts of reasons. Unfortunately the image is too big and I don't have the software to re-size it but I will get it up here next time, keep an eye out ok?

Thank you all for continuing to post and show your love for this man. I can feel it when I come here, how strong it is and how we share this bond of the loss of this dear friend.

Love you Julia, Nina, Jenny, and Hanna, have a good new year, it was great to see you all at our "Drew commemorative Pho dinner" here in LA, and I wish you all peace and blessings in the coming year.

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hana said...

dear eric,
thanks so much for taking the time to share this moment spent with drew. i was happy to read it.
as i know that nina will be when she grows up and is able to read it herself. nina will know her dad from the stories we have shared here.
wishing you and all that are dear to you, a merry christmas and happy and healthy new year filled with nothing but blessings. X