Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greenpoint Ave.

Sometimes when you just don't know what to say . . . Pictures tell a thousand words.


youglow said...

that is one of my favorite pictures of you and drew.

jenn said...

me too. i miss you guys so much. i will always remember the times well spent. love.

gina said...

I remember this moment so well.
It was after we finished shooting Julia for an English magazine.
We had finished the shoot and Drew came to hang out with us(of course lots of food and wine being involved...)
As close as Drew and Julia always were this was a moment of love and intimacy that took us by surprise.The kind that you don't often see in front of other people.And Johnny had to capture it because it was so tender.
It was a fun and special evening as so many of them were...
We are happy that we witnessed this side of Drew..

Adrian Weaver said...

Tears. Love. Missing Drew.