Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three Amigos

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jenn said...

I love this trio...it always seemed to work for us. Being together always felt good and natural. "Too much fun" i like to say!

After many long stays on their couch I moved to NY and in with Drew and Julia. Since Drew is my big brother I wasn't so surprised that he opened his home so well for me...Julia was amazing though, never once made me feel like I was not at home, readily moving their stuff to make room for mine. I shared a room with Nina...she says I was her first roomate. We lived together in a small railroad for over one year. One beautiful and amazing year. Probably one of my favorite yet. We became so close. I was surprised when my time came to move and Drew said "hey i was thinking we'd all get a bigger place together"...i totally laughed in amazement...he smiled at me and replied "what? you're like my second skin".

We just meshed so well the 4 of us...whatever we did..movies, dinners, live music, nina parties and pickups, dr appts and er rooms. We made the best of it together. And had the most fun possible!