Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drew's 33rd Birthday Nov. 4th 2006


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raz said...

tears you drew

Julia said...
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hana said...
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hana said...

drew's last birthday celeabration, i got to make him his favorite choc, cake. nina help to decorate it. nina pie also helped him make a wish and blow out the candles.

jenn said...

I was thrilled when Drew agreed to let me host his birthday festivities. Not only had he agreed to a party, when I asked if I should be easy with the guest list he surprisingly said I could invite whoever I wanted. Cha-chang!

It was a special night. Drew was happy & looked great...out-of-town friends, tried and true ones, happened to be in apt was newly furnished, & the back room empty for the kids to run around crazy. The evening was all about love, hope, and goodness...feeling supported and cherishing life's sweet moments.

Of course there was great food. Hana made a successful pot of jewstew/chunt (Nina claimed it was her best) & Jules brought his taco making maestro. In true Drew style full bellies were had by all.

Our NY crew has been through a lot together, and the result is a bond i've never seen like it. along with all the shit we endured we have been blessed with so much love and truth. that night it was very apparent, we were all smothered in it. all the wonderful brunches, bbqs, picnics and potlucks.
Cheers to how well we gathered and many amazing times.

As Drew & I got older & I developed my own close relationship's with his friends I once asked if he was bothered that I had 'taken over'. I was more socially active at the time so often he would ask me for updates. I don't know why I was surprised with his answer. Our relationship was always so pure, never based on jealously or resentment. He smiled as he told me that he rather liked it..since he wasn't able to spend time with them himself having me there was like sending a piece of him. "If I can't be there i'm glad you can for me". I don't know what went wrong with me :) but that boy sure had a good soul.

It's interesting that most of us came together as a result of a connection to Drew. Though as we spent the time and enjoyed the moments and memories we sort of all meshed big happy family. As our dear friend Johnny would say...GOOD ON US!!!!!

Cheers Drew, for bringing into my life some of the most wonderful beings in my world.